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How to get your remaining credit back, how to top up your credit easily and what to do when you can’t find the information slip with a QR code? We have the answers to your questions.

How to top up your credit

Topping up your credit means putting money on your chip wristband, using which you can then pay during the event. It’s something like the mobile phone credit at  the beginning of this millennium. It’s nothing complicated and everyone can handle paying with the wristband. If you don’t spend all the money you will have topped up, you can request having it returned to your bank account–through NFCtron Pass or using your receipt’s QR code, within 14 days after the event. You can find how to do so on here. The credit can be topped up prior to the event  online or at the event as well. You can do so at the entrance or any time during the event.

How to top up your credit prior to the event?

  • Once you select the ticket type, you can choose the amount you wish to put in and then you’ll confirm the ticket by clicking the green button.
  • The following payment can be made using Apple Pay, Google Pay, a payment card or a bank transfer. However, it’s good to keep in mind that bank transfers can be too slow at the weekends, and that’s why a payment card or Apple/Google Pay will be a better choice in that case.
  • You’ll receive the chip wristband at the event, once you show the given QR code.
  • Topping up the credit online prior to the event will save you a lot of time. You can avoid the lines and go have fun without any wait.

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