How can I open my online receipt?

The online receipt is a web-based environment that shows you a summary of your spending and from where you can create a request for a refund of unused credit. Once you click the button, enter the code found on the information paper that can be issued to you at the top-up point.

Load receipt
Also works for credit refunds
Show the QR code of the ticket

If the event uses NFCtron Tickets, the attendant will activate a wristband with a chip against the QR code at the entrance. If you have purchased credit online, you will already have it swiped on the chip at this point.

The top-up point is always marked

A sufficient number of recharge points are available at each event. When you top up, you can request an information paper with a QR code that will allow you to access your online receipt. Recharging is normally possible in cash or by credit card.

Vendors will show you the balance

You can keep track of your payment. The transaction goes fine if you see a prominent green screen with a summary of the order and the new credit balance. The vendor turns the device in on you so you can check the order.

Overview on your mobile phone

We offer a mobile app for both Android and iOS with notifications and order ratings, from which you can easily return credit to your bank account. You can pair your chip by simply attaching the chip to your phone.

Return credit to your bank account

If you have unused credit left on your chip, you can create a refund request in the app or via your online receipt. Refunds are free for Czech accounts, but foreign accounts may be charged exchange rate differences or other fees.