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How to get your remaining credit back

Have some money left on your chip after the event? You can get it back to your bank account easily. It’s completely free, there’s no need to worry about any fees. The free return applies to all banks and accounts denominated in the Czech crowns or the euro. However, we can only return the money to accounts held in the European Union.

To have your money returned, you’ll have to send a request within 14 days after the event, unless the organiser says otherwise. Sometimes the visitors don’t do so. In that case, however, we don’t get to keep their remaining credit. When the deadline expires, the money is sent to the event’s organiser, who then has to have it taxed, in accordance with applicable laws.

Returning your money through NFCtron Pass

Already have the NFCtron Pass account? Great, that makes the return the easiest. After logging in, all you’ll have to do is go to the My Events section, enterthe event, and open the online receipt, where you’ll find everything that’s needed to have your money returned.

Don’t see your events? We’ll navigate you. In the upper right corner, click My Overview, select the given event, and enter it. That’s how simple it is.

Returning your money using the QR code on the information slip

However, if you don’t have an account, don’t worry. When topping up your credit at the event, you received an information slip with a QR code, remember? All you’ll have to do is find this QR code, scan it using your phone’s camera or copy the webpage and a code you’ll find on the slip yourself, then fill in the bank transaction information on the page it leads you to. Then all that’s left is wait a few days until the money returns to your account. In the online receipt, you can always check the current state of your return.

Cannot find the printed QR code you received? Don’t worry, we can figure this out. Email us at [email protected], enclose a picture of the back of your chip (that’s where the given chip’s unique number is imprinted) and tell us what event you were at. We’ll then trace back all the information that’s needed and send you the login details for your online receipt.

Returning your money through the NFCtron app

If you have already downloaded our app for Android or iOS, all you need to do is click Scan my chip → Click here to get your remaining credit back → Request a refund; and that’s it.

Oops, I can’t make it, but I’ve already topped up my credit

Having some last-minute complications and can’t make it to the event? And you’ve already put a nice sum of money on your chip? We can’t give you the experiences you’d gain, unfortunately, but we can return your money, so there’s  no need to worry you’ll lose it. The only thing is that the return needs to be made individually through a payment gateway, so the quickest way to deal with it is to  email us at [email protected]. We’ll figure it out together.

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Didn't find what you were looking for here?
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