How can I open my online receipt?

The online receipt is a web-based environment that shows you a summary of your spending and from where you can create a request for a refund of unused credit. Once you click the button, enter the code found on the information paper that can be issued to you at the top-up point.

Load receipt
Also works for credit refunds

Ticket check-in at the entrance

Have you used NFCtron Tickets? to purchase tickets? When entering the venue, just show the QR code, and the staff will activate a chip wristband for you. In addition, if you have topped-up the credit online directly with your ticket, it will automatically be added to your chip when checking in.

You don't have to print the ticket, please think about nature. The QR code on your mobile is all you need.

Topping up credit at a designated top-up point

A large number of top-up points, where you can top up your chip with cash or card, is available at each event. You can request **an information paper with a QR code** from the staff to access your online receipt.

You can top up your chip as many times as you like at the top-up point.

The fastest payment experience

Keeping track of your payments is easy. To pay, simply tap the chip to the sales device.. If the payment goes well, the seller will show you a green screen with your remaining balance.

You can always ask the seller how much you have left on your chip, even outside of the payment process.

NFCtron app for your comfort

Download the NFCtron app to your mobile phone, load the activated chip and keep track of your spending even more easily! Thanks to the app, you can rate the orders you have made, turn on notifications about payments you have made and request the remaining credit back to your bank account after the event.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play. NFC technology on your phone is required for full functionality of the app.

Moving safely around the area

Festival zones can be registered on a chipped wristband so that the organizers can keep track of visitors' movements around the area, in the campsite and even in the backstage. The same applies to the VIP zones, which you can only access if your ticket includes this feature.

Security in the area is very important for the organizers, for example in case of possible evacuation or for checking the current occupancy of each venue. Moreover, you don't have to worry about someone who doesn't belong there entering the area.

Everything on one chip, no spare change

Returnable cups are a breeze with NFCtron. We allow a limited return policy so you don't have to worry about your cup being stolen at the event. We can limit the number of cups returned either per order or directly per visitor. So when returning a cup, it is not possible to return more cups than you bought at the event.

The deposit for returnable cups is refunded directly to the chip, so you don't have to wait for the staff to find spare change for a refund, or worry about them not having enough change for you.

Free refund of any remaining credit to your bank account

And what if you don't spend it all? he credit refund is free of charge and unlimited for both CZK and EUR accounts within SEPA, just request it with a few clicks via the online receipt or the NFCtron mobile app. You can usually request a balance refund within 14 days after the event ends.

We send the money back to your bank account as quickly as possible. Usually, it arrives within 2 days after the request is made.